The life wants to be fulfilled – in us and around us as well. The architect works for the framework of life being worthy of human, we are building community of family or at workplace; we settle ourselves down to take a rest by turns after our daily duties… And the garden is needed, the appropriate green environment, where all of these can develop.

KertIkon Landscape Architects – the garden design is just the beginning

We contribute designing gardens and public spaces, developing the green environment, shaping the image of settlements, landscaping so the spaces of movement or resting places of our customers become lively and more pleasant: which favour to their physical and mental well-being. We help also the functioning of the business sphere in creating their green environment needed.

Garden design and landscape architecture by KertIkon know-how

  1. working with full planning permissions, Landscape Architecture Section (Chamber of Hungarian Architects)
  2. landscape architecture profession since 2000
  3. precise plans and spectacular presentation
  4. communicating expertise of landscape architects in plain language and with a wide range
  5. effective professional representation in order the interests of clients and partners

Garden design you can build on

Our partners interested in characteristic green development can live with our help experienced in the profession, rather than experimenting with uncertainty devices.

We have spent our years of study in the university educating the landscape architecture exclusively in Hungary; where we have specialized in garden design and urban architect. From the year 2000 we extended our practical knowledge by the side of recognized Hungarian masters of landscape architecture, in order to improve public feeling in the full meaning of the word as a tested designer.

Being well-founded over the walls as well

As practising landscape architects, we have a view of the relationships between horticulture, architecture and affected special fields, so we make easier the decisions of our clients, how to exploit the potential in the level of garden and open-space design, and what solutions it is desirable to invest.

There are such action-programs at their disposal by using of our plans, with which help to predict costs and to achieve the projects detailed.

Experience of beautiful gardens and useful spaces

We give our expertise of many years with unflagging enthusiasm to the clients’ expectations and ideas, so then we put into shape and show forward that ideal overall picture of we would like to see together – and with which each one can continue his activity enriched severally and more blooming, or his life can be more complete and comfortable.

Landscape, architecture, harmony

It is a common human interest and our professional task to promote the creation of green areas harmonious and well-fulfilling their functions. The landscape architecture cultivating conscientiously and with sense wishes to serve the surrounding landscape and the human community expedient and suitable, over the uniformed solvings, but to keep away the profession which ending in itself as well.

Landscape architecture handed in bouquet

The KertIkon (which means GardenIcon in English) Landscapes Architects Studio is taking place in Budapest, in the Ferencváros, the 9th city district, where our office is easily accessible at the Nagyvárad Square (Nagyvárad tér) from Üllői Street (Üllői út). Although our tasks draw us in new locations of open-space; our professional knowledge is ready for deployment across the country.


Our service is extending from the common thinking for the development of the environment, to the processing concrete landscape planning (botanical surveying, value examination, concept design, visual drawing, consulting and making the plans), through the realization, the citizenship of responsible designer carried out during the construction.

Garden design to architects, firms and You

During our work we have collaborated with general designer teams by the side of architects in landscaping tasks, we have complied requests of the principals as responsible managers and demanding private garden-owners as you see in our reference list and portfolio themed to various areas– the feedback from others, no less delight and satisfaction of others as well as our own pleasure.

Tünde Kiss
Cert. Landscape Architect
Executive Director

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