“We would like a nice garden with little care” say private garden-owners usually. Below we turn to what should have been taken to heart before landscaping the garden, and in which questions should have taken a stand first – even the family circle as well.
In fact, in many places it is still a largely exceptional, heart-warming experience getting to a dreamt and built at he price of serious sacrifices family residence: house or summer cottage can be complete with a worthy garden. We make easier the crucial initial steps; helping you to start forming a cosy garden.

Garden and culture at home

The quality of horticulture can become in deeply rooted in anyone’s own home, a garden can come into being which is not only there outside of the house, but provide the ideal framework for resting, exercising, family living or even friendly gathering.

Though the starting-point may be a bare site or even a land with old trees, the refined garden is not dependent on this.

We put our expertise of many years that those who have awaked the importance of a thoughtful, useful and beautiful garden, so then they dare more joyfully to realize their dream-garden.

The garden what we need

Although in the midst of a dense everyday can become dim the fact, but must be stated, that the garden is an element of our life.

If someone do not have a garden yet, which can say his own, or compelled to spend his everyday life in shiftless environment, in the long there will not why to stay, but suppressed at the cost of the permanent evacuation of force. Everyone needs a garden.

Be though a highly artistic, magnificent park created with meticulous care, which you can take delight in; or be a mixed-use garden, which is rich in places for cultivation, giving rise to regular gardening, where fruit garden and kitchen garden of vegetables, spices and is thriving as well…

A nature-shaped landscape garden is matching with others’ estate and lifestyle, which generously allows emerging all the livings in it, not only the plants, therefore to have free scope for a lot of movement and game.

A matching garden is waiting for everyone; with the feeling he is really a master over that, if ever created.

Garden in the light of facts

The scientific studies focussed on garden are remarkable. Thus, we have covered in publications several times, what does it lie the beneficial effects of man’s physical and mental health in the garden (Healing Gardens and Therapeutic Landscapes, The Secret to Long Life: Gardening).

While there is no need researches neither to recognize, that a garden radiating harmony contributes to a happier, more balanced life, and everyday life we use it in family circle and society of friends.

The indirect impact of a cosy garden, which is raising the quality of life of the outdoor environment, is invaluable.

If it has have just became timely the issues in creating your own garden, we recommend reading an article as well entitled From Garden Gnomes to Gnome Gardens and Beyond?.

You should heed of the time-factor too

It is not worth to delay decisions just because the living material is dominant in the garden, and plants need years to grow and to expand their ornaments. Fortunately, nurseries offer pre-grown or over-aged plants, but these are understandably more expensive.

Garden without disagreeable developments

It is a specificity of landscape architecture that during the carrying out a garden with a diverse role, it is being built really, a construction is taking place too, together with its characteristics – and there is no one is going to build a house, if in the end it would have turned out that it was not good after all, then he would pull the building down…

If not so drastically, but it is valid in connection with the garden also. All that is necessary just outside the walls of the house, beginning from the field-work of vital importance in sloping areas.

(The landscaping must have been done once, but well. It is not accidental, that the character of the terrain in the garden with experiences lived crossing garden-historic times is one of the most durable feature, which has been well-developed once, there is no reason for changing it.)

The increased technical high standard is arisen with good reason in all things wanted to use of several years’, so it is accounted for garden buildings as well.

It is valid for the trees and shrubs determining a garden space, that it would be too problematical changing our minds, and to transpose them to another location. A plant has got to the right place or on the contrary, it is deemed for suffering or even it should have been cut down.

The cost effective/economical gardening begins by the plan

The landscape plan is designed to avoid the non thought-out and inappropriate cases, as with the above referred to. It is simply too costly and time-consuming, if something is established without designing, inexpedient and in need of correcting later – particularly in construction, and even landscape architecture level, where considerable quantity of materials is moving.

The garden will show its gratitude very much for caring by a hobby-gardener owner in the future, but the dominant is as a starting point, whether the garden has been deliberately designed with its spatial structure, terrain features, have the garden structures been built as it planned, and have the plant physiological principles prevailed in the selection and installation of plants.

What does a garden make nice, useful and harmonious?

Without being lost in the aesthetic or subjective details, a desirable garden shows the following characteristics:

  • Adjusts to the natural environment: the conditions of the landscape and field; eliminates the possible disadvantages of the scene.
  • The usage of plants is proper, which keeps the demands of the plants, the habitat and space in sight consistently as well.
  • Its character is in harmony with the house in the usage of materials as well and the taste of the garden owner.
  • Not only beautiful, but it is fulfilling the functions for which its master use in everyday.
  • It is planned and it is constructed by involvement of professionals already in the ground of ideas.
  • Responses of design are taken shape which accomodated to individual situations, instead of common solutions.

It is not such a simple matter creating an ideal garden for a family, since it is accompanied by coordinating so many factors. Things take their place by good taste in a sophisticated garden, and already this cannot be done without the horticultural and architectural skills either, which is extended by a landscape architecture in years. So you can expect the experts mostly to do quality work!

There is a major drawback in the case of gardens contrary to house-building. The work of the garden designer (and of course the constructor) will be tested largely later on, whether it is completed or not the expectations attached to it. It is even more valid as more living materials, that is to say: plants are in the garden.

Individual garden accommodated to personal demands

The character of the building and the family is essential in designing the image of the garden.

The source of joy in spending time in the garden is just that the beautiful garden is a useful space and also satisfactory for the whole family, young and old.

The key to any planned usage of garden is to be tuned the structure of the garden and the landscaping to the character of the site.

The atmosphere of a garden is created by using of plants (trees, shrubs and flower-beds as well) included the favourites of the family, custom-designed garden buildings and even non-series garden furniture.

The initial imagination of the members of the household along the usage of the garden we are taking in consideration and enrich with our ideas and professional knowledge, and then we are preparing a conception plan to make the future garden imaginable. Upon request, we present the landscaping devices by visual plan.

After such design background, the landscape construction plan documentation can be developed into the smallest details.

Schedulable solutions

The construction of the garden can be scheduled; it is a main advantage against the other major investments of the family. This means that in addition to complying with the order of the technically justified, you can schedule the work to do, which results in the favourable allocation of costs.

All the necessary work can be taken into account by the finished landscape construction plan:

The site preparation and field-work, field-buildings (retaining wall, stairs), garden buildings (pavilion or filagoria, barbecue, pergola, bower, etc…), water-architectures (pond, pool, babbling) and construction of pavements, and all the works for gardening, planting.

It is worth investing

The majority of people is aware that they might call car a cheap four-wheeled and an engineering masterpiece as well, rather they still not go by a low standard car.

Our service is useful ones, who prefer ordering long-term and safe devices, who know although it can be reached by different vehicles, the difference between travelling from one point to another lies in how the journey is going on or what can happen during it. The garden is actually the home distributed over the walls, and it is worth the sacrifice.

When someone invests in the garden, his own style and demands in quality can be manifested not towards standing outside, such as in the case of a car, but he can express something more intimate from his values and care of the people important for him, his loved ones.

We find that the decisions overall landscaping are preceded by a similar consideration in the family circle just like buying a car. Why would anyone renounce his principles of quality in connection with the environment of the family residence?

The garden, of course, in addition its ideological and practical usefulness, can be a good investment at the same time. Not by chance that among others the price of a site is determined by the quality of vegetation in it.

The experience of estate agents is that a real estate can be sold or let at a better price, which has a well-planned, well-implemented and landscaped garden (see our blog-note entitled Garden make it easier to sell?)

Complete landscape service

Even for small gardens it is not a lucky case if someone is not able do a full suite of services in landscape architecture because of an inappropriate professional or technical capability. The KertIkon gives a complete answer for all landscaping issue arisen during the planning of a private-garden.

Including, when a landscape plan is required, since it is prescribed by laws in certain cases. Then a landscape permission plan will be made, which must be created only by a chamber-member landscape architect. (The permission plan is a good basis for construction plans, but it can not replace the content and details of the latter.)

We provide with pleasure professional consultations as well, with the proviso that the “rusty things have appeared on a letter of my dwarf rose – what is the matter?” and in other similar matters it is rather offered to consult a qualified horticulturist operating in plant protection. 🙂

What to do before and after the landscape plan?

The process of the construction has started with the plan. Then, however, you must find an appropriate constructor. But a thorough plan already helps you to start the construction consistently and mostly annoyance-free, without loss of time and money, so finally the garden image which lived in the world of ideas and in the client, after depicted in the plans become tangible.

If you interested in our varied work what goals was put on us in the recent years within the private garden (garden of detached houses, apartment condominiums or blocks of flats), or the park of a private land, see our reference list available for download and our portfolio collected about works in garden design and landscape architecture.

For further questions, send a massage, or call us! You can easily ask quotation or contact us.

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